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ESOP Association Canada

The ESOP ASSOCIATION CANADA (Employee Share Ownership Plan)
is a non-profit organization founded in November 1990 for the purpose of promoting the concept of employee ownership for business in Canada. Employee ownership is an important tool for economic growth and restructuring business enterprises.



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An Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows employees, who qualify, to purchase shares in their employer's company, with or without the monetary assistance from the company. Employees can acquire shares, and ownership through and ESOP that can range from one per cent to 100 per cent. An excellent method for small business owners wishing to retire and sell their business.

The key aspect is that employees have an ownership stake in the company they work for, and share in the risks and rewards that accrue to it.

ESOPs are appropriate for companies of small to large size, in all kinds of industries. They are being used in Britain and other European countries, the United States and Japan. China is also experimenting with employee ownership.

Types of ESOPs

Currently, there are four types of ESOPs in Canada:

Does employee ownership work in Canada?

The most definitive study to date in Canada was done by the Toronto Stock Exchange, comparing ESOP versus non-ESOP public companies. For ESOP companies:

Canadian Employee Ownership Conference

Our annual Canadian Employee Ownership Conference is held in early June each year.

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